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The Term-Lok Kit was designed not only for the repair of burned or damaged spade terminals on air conditioners and refrigeration units, but also for non burned terminals to prevent future burn off.

They are made of high quality heat sensored brass and are guaranteed for the life of the compressor. The kit contains a brass cylinrical tube with a diameter large enough to slip over the pins and has a stainless set screw to lock onto the terminal. A wrench is provided with every kit for easy installation and an anti-arcing spacer is also included to prevent arcing between posts.
Once the kit is installed, the compressor cover may be placed back over the terminals without any obstructions. The kits are installed in 15 minutes or less, allowing the technician to restore the unit to power without having to replace the compressor.
  • Kits contain everything necessary for a fast and easy terminal repair
  • Will never crack, break, or burn off.
  • Provides 4 full points of contact on the new terminal 

About Us

In September of 1995, a great idea for contractors and technicians was born. As John Allen sat in a supply house ordering parts one day, a young technician came in who needed a new compressor to replace one with burned out spade terminals. As John and the technician talked, John explained to him how to repair the compressor terminals by simply using a lug. Later, back at his office, John realized that it might be possible to design a product that repaired burned spade terminals and extended compressor life.

John knew that technicians had been struggling with this problem for years and had often tried various methods of crimping arrangements to avoid replacing the compressor. Most of the time these methods did not work. He knew that if he could effectively design something to accomplish this, he would have a great product on his hands. John then shared his idea

with his partner, John Hackedy, who liked the idea, and together they started working on developing what would become the Term-Lok compressor repair kit.

After further development, and receiving a patent on the kit, Term-Lok Manufacturing was launched. In March of 1996, Bruce Prince became a third partner along with John Allen and John Hackedy and eventually purchased the company from the other two partners. From the beginning, the three partners decided that only top quality materials would be used in manufacturing their kits. This enabled them to establish the policy of guaranteeing their product for the life of the compressor.
Today Term-Lok, Inc. is still managed with the same emphasis on quality products and exemplary service that customers have come to expect. Term-Lok now sells their product wholesale to distributors and supply houses nationwide. All manufacturing and sales activities are conducted from the manufacturing facility located in Haines City, Florida.


Term-Lok kits are available in 8, 10 or 12 gauge wire sizing and all kits contain 3 wire connections, a short arm hex key and an insulator. The TLC-3-10 gauge kit will service a 3-5 ton unit and is our most popular kit. The TLC-3-12 gauge kit services up to a 3 ton unit and is popular with the multifamily housing industry because of the size of the units the technician is normally servicing. The TLC-3-8 gauge kit is for 5 ton units and larger.

The brass used in the kits will withstand wide temperature fluctuations and strong vibrations without burning, corroding or rusting off and will not expand or contract with extreme temperatures like plastic. The brass cylindrical tube is machined to 160,000 of an inch, smaller than the standard spade, so it will have 4 points of contact on the new terminal instead of two.
The U.L. approved machine wire used in the kits is the same used by air conditioning and refrigeration manufacturers. The wire is machine pressed so as not to have any loose connections. All of the wires are PVC insulated for temperature fluctuations and are color coded for “run, start and common” connections. The wiring used for the 12 gauge kit is 600 volt, 65 strand copper-tin coated wire. The wiring for the 10 gauge kit is 600 volt, 105 strand copper-tin coated wire and the wiring for the 8 gauge kit is 600 volt, 133 strand copper-tin coated wiring.
By using Term-Lok kits, technicians and contractors can in most cases, extend the life of the compressor. This saves the customer money and builds strong customer relationships.

Part Numbers

  • TLC- 3- 8 (Triple Wire Kit- 8 Gauge) Services: 5 ton units and above
  • TLC- 3-10 (Triple Wire Kit-10 Gauge) Services: 3-5 ton units
  • TLC- 3-12 (Triple Wire Kit-12 Gauge) Services: 1-3 ton units
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