The Term-Lok Kit was designed not only for the repair of burned or damaged spade terminals on air conditioners and refrigeration units, but also for non burned terminals to prevent future burn off.

They are made of high quality heat sensored brass and are guaranteed for the life of the compressor. The kit contains a brass cylinrical tube with a diameter large enough to slip over the pins and has a stainless set screw to lock onto the terminal. A wrench is provided with every kit for easy installation and an anti-arcing spacer is also included to prevent arcing between posts.

Once the kit is installed, the compressor cover may be placed back over the terminals without any obstructions. The kits are installed in 15 minutes or less, allowing the technician to restore the unit to power without having to replace the compressor.

  • Kits contain everything necessary for a fast and easy terminal repair

  • Will never crack, break, or burn off.

  • Provides 4 full points of contact on the new terminal